CL-SPSB256 LED 256 Speed Softbox Kit

PRICE: $69.00


This is the smaller version speed softbox kit for the LED 256 Spot. The Cool Lights LED 256 16" x 16" "Speed Softbox" kit is not only unique in design but is also about as quick to setup as any existing softbox out there. The secret to this speedy setup is not only in the softbox ability to "pop open" from a very small and compact size but also in the quick way it attaches to the unique LED 256 speedring through mainly tension.

The kit includes: speed ring for LED 256 accessory holder, 16" x 16" quick setup softbox, carrying case, 16" x 16" velcro attached diffusion silk and 16" x 16" fabric eggcrate velcro attachment.


Back view of the LED 256 with the softbox in place.

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