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CL-LED1200BC 1200 LED Bicolor Panel

PRICE: $699.00


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Cool Lights CL-LED1200 Bicolor uses our popular portable fixture form factor (like Cool Lights portable fluorescent series) to make an extremely light weight (7 lbs), DC Voltage operated, dimmable light which is about equivalent to a 1000w tungsten fresnel. This is the bicolor flood version. In addition to what's already a super value, the LED 1200 bicolor panel includes an acrylic filter diffuser panel.

Our bicolor is different from most in that we include 600 3000K and 600 8000K LEDs. This is designed so that when both sets are on you get about 6000K (daylight) which is the most used color temperature today and therefore giving maximum output available. Using the included dimmers you can custom mix the color temperature anywhere between 8000K and 3000K. When you need the 3000K color temperature, you simply dim the 8000K LEDs down completely or almost completely (depending upon fine tuning). This means that in the 3000K range only 600 LEDs are providing maximum output. Most competitor panels are using a mixture of 3000K and 5600K LEDs which means that for most of the common color temperatures that are in use today (3200K and 5600K) you will only have half the LEDs on the panel working at any time.

(Optional LED 1200 battery interface is available here.)

Included in kit: LED 1200 bicolor fixture (includes 2 dimmers as well as six bank select switches for many output control options), barndoors, multi-axis mount (MAM), stand adapter, LED 1200 back pack, acrylic filter in nylon pouch, AC to DC 18V adapter with carabiner and nylon strap, 16 foot American IEC power cord.

Download the LED 1200 Product Manual here.

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Dimensions: 23" x 10" x 3.25"
Weight: 7 lbs.
Construction: Sturdy corrugated polycarbonate housing reinforced with aluminum structural frame parts and channel extrusions.
LED Type: 5mm Round LEDs in 3000Kand 8000K
LED Beam Angle: 50 degree for "flood" panel
- 6000K: 85 CRI
- 3000K: 82 CRI
Voltage Input: 18 VDC through military grade bayonet connector
Current: 5 amps nominal at 18 VDC (90 watts)
Power Supply: 18VDC with IEC plug adapter and 4 pin bayonet connector DC output--includes carabiner attachment to hang power supply on light stand. Universal voltage input 100 to 240VAC 50 / 60 hz
Battery Adaptation: Optional battery interface required for external batteries or plates in AB (Anton Bauer) or V (Sony) types
Barndoors: Non-removable attached with gooseneck pipe
Angle Adjustment: Cool Lights Multi-Axis Mount (MAM) on quick release
Stand Adapter: CL-MPSA1 MAM to Baby stand adapter
Dimming: Yes continuously adjustable via dimmer dial
Bank Select: 6 bank select switches controlling LED row on/off and Master power switch as well
Set Includes: LED 1200 fixture, barndoors, multi-axis mount, stand adapter, LED 1200 back pack, AC to DC 18V adapter with carabiner and nylon strap, 16 foot American IEC power cord, acrylic filter diffuser in nylon pouch


LED 1200 Dimmer Side

Multi-Axis Mount (MAM) on quick release & stand adapter

LED 1200 backpack comes in choice of Black or "Digital Camouflage"

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