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CL-155P Cool Lights Portable 1 x 55 watt Modular Softlight

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The Cool Lights CL-155P is our first 55w fluorescent external ballast model. Silent and flicker free of course, like all our other fluorescent products. So the tube can be removed from the fixture and since the ballast to socket cord for the tube is 15 feet long, the tube can be placed up to 15 feet from the ballast.

It is an extremely versatile kit and allows you to use one 55w tube in many different ways including with fixture or without fixture. Use the tube alone (without fixture) as a nook light to light a very difficult or cramped area. Use with fixture and multi-axis mount (MAM) on a light stand as a fill.

You can even gang two 155Ps together and mount with one MAM on a stand to make a simple 2x55w fixture. Many different ways to use this modular fluorescent light.

Kit includes: External 1x55w universal voltage (100v to 240v 50/60 hz) non-dimmable ballast with carabiner hook, 15 foot IEC AC power cord, 15 foot ballast to 2G11 socket detachable cord, fixture, multi-axis mount, 1 each 55w 3200K and 5600K Cool Lights fluorescent tubes.

Add optional stand adapter or quick release plate from the drop down boxes above. A grip head may be used to mount the multi-axis mount on the back of the CL-155P if you do not use our stand adapter.

The CL-FB155 external 1x55w ballast with carabiner hook to hang on light stand.

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