CL-MAMWQR1 MAM Quick Release Retrofit

PRICE: $25.00 $10.00


This is the retrofit kit that will allow you to make the multi-axis mount or "lollipop" of your Cool Lights portables (or any other compatible lollipop and fixture) easily detachable. The kit includes 1 QR Bottom Plate, 1 QR Top Plate (with spring loaded lock installed), 4 M5 QR to MAM Screws, 4 M5 QR to Fixture Screws, 4 M5 Lock washers, and 4 M5 Cap nuts. You supply Philips screwdriver, needle nose pliers and the existing MAM from your portable Cool Lights fixture.

NOTE: This quick release is sold as a retrofit for older Cool Lights portable products that did not include this at that time. It will only work with our portable products and will not work on the studio models. This unit is already included with all current Cool Lights fixtures that use a multi-axis mount so it is not necessary to buy this as an accessory to a NEW fixture.

Download the CL-MAMWQR1 installation manual here.

The MAM Quick Release in place on a Cool Lights fixture (MAM not included in this kit and is sold separately).