CL-455EGGP Cool Lights 4 x 55 watt Portable Eggcrate Attachment

PRICE: $34.00 $12.00


The CL-455EGGP Portable Eggcrate attachment works on all our portable version 4 x 55 watt models from (CL-455P, CL-455PMD). An eggcrate is another light control filter that directs a softlight forward and cuts down on its side spill.

On the CL-455P or CL-455PMD, it simply velcros onto the front of the fixture. Please see the studio eggcrate versions for our studio fluorescent models.

NOTE: This is only for the portable model fluorescents and will not work with the studio units. See the model CL-455EGGB for the studio 4x55 eggcrate.

The cell size of this eggcrate attachment is 1/2" x 1/2" x 1/2" thick (13mm). The exact dimensions of the panel are 21 1/4" (540mm) x 11 1/4" (285mm) x 1/2" (15mm). The eggcrate is lightweight at 1 lb. (.47 kg) and made from tough silver coated plastic. There is an aluminum frame around the eggcrate to protect it.


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