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Cool Lights Tungsten Fresnel 2000w Kit

PRICE: $879.00 $779.00

This product contains the following items:
CL-TF1000 1000w Compact Tungsten Fresnel» 2 x CL-TF1000 1000w Compact Tungsten Fresnel     $355.00
CL-LS4 Cool Lights Air Cushioned Portable Stand» 2 x CL-LS4 Cool Lights Air Cushioned Portable Stand     $55.00
CL-CCL3A Portable Fixture Carrying Case» 1 x CL-CCL3A Portable Fixture Carrying Case     $125.00
Cool Lights CL-SRB1000 Fresnel Softbox Kit» 2 x Cool Lights CL-SRB1000 Fresnel Softbox Kit     $79.00
CL-SCR1000 1000w Scrim Set» 2 x CL-SCR1000 1000w Scrim Set     $24.00

Cost of separate parts: $1,151.00

You save $272.00


This is the Cool Lights 2000w tungsten fresnel kit. It includes all the items listed above. While others offer similar kits with simple accessories like gels, Cool Lights is offering a high quality fixture trolley case and scrim set to make it an extremely good value. Also these are Cool Lights own version fresnels with metal stand adapters, special yoke clamp for easy yoke position lock and positioning handle on the back. The included light stands are our popular CL-LS4 air cushioned stands. The padded CL-CCL3A case included will protect the contents with velcro removable separators and easily cart it all around on wheels. Each fresnel includes a 110v bulb (220v available on request--bulb change is mainly what is necessary for the fixture to work anywhere in the world), barndoors and 15 foot American power cord with inline switch.

You can optionally add on the 1000w softbox and speedring kit in the dropdown box.

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