Cool Lights: DIY Fluorescent Video Lighting Vol. 1 NTSC DVD

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Making video is a pleasure in a cooler studio but you can only do that with Cool Lights. This 89 minute DVD video shows you how to make and use your own professional level fluorescent studio lighting for video, film and photography use. Start with simple, off-the-shelf solutions and progress to more complex, build-it-yourself ones that allow more control. Note: It is primarily a how-to on building the lights not a general primer on lighting for film and video--although it does have short demos showing each light fixture in use.

Host Richard Andrewski dispels the conventional wisdom on using fluorescent lights for video and film use. New ballasts and corrected color temperature bulbs make fluorescent a pleasure to use once you change some of your lighting habits. You'll be saving a lot over solutions from Kino Flo, Mole Richardson, Videssence, Flolights and others.

Find most of what you need in a home improvement store! Learn how to convert a halogen work light to a fluorescent video light with barndoors. See a bulb that draws 200 watts and puts out an equivalent of 800 watts in a choice of tungsten or daylight type color temperatures. It's this unique property of fluorescent that allows it to use less electricity and generate less heat.

Create a versatile fixture with a slide-on soft light hood and barndoors so you can use it in any of three different configurations. See a 7-bulb fixture that fits in a standard softbox and speedmount ring setup and puts out an equivalent of 1200 watts of light for drawing only 300 watts! After you get comfortable with the ideas and techniques Richard is introducing, you can add your own variations.

The video shows you how to build a particular design in a pleasant, professional, documentary style and then demonstrates its use in a typical live talent situation afterwards. If you have been wanting to know more about how to roll your own fluorescent stage lighting and how to cool down yourself, your crew and talent--then this is the solution for you.

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