CL-TF0150 150w Compact Tungsten Fresnel

PRICE: $199.00 $99.00


The CL-TF0150 is a great companion for productions on the move. When used as a background or hair/rim light, it's just the right size. Includes barndoors, yoke, baby stand adapter and 110v 150w 3200K tungsten bulb (check with us for 220v bulb version too). Weight 2 lbs.

Insertion of the bulb is as easy as loosening the locking knob on the back of the fresnel and sliding the top lid forward and inserting the Tungsten bulb into the GX6.35 socket. Care should be taken when handling the bulb to not touch it with bare hands. Use a cloth or soft tissue when handling or inserting it. Finger oils and smudges will weaken the quartz of a CDM or Tungsten bulb and shorten its life.

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