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CL-455MD Cool Lights Dimming 4 X 55 watt Fluorescent Video Soft

PRICE: $529.00 $219.00


The Cool Lights CL-455MD Fluorescent Video 4 x 55 watt Softlight is the professional choice for all types of visual media production from photography to film and video work. This is the dimming version continuously dimmable from 2% to 100% intensity with a dial adjustment. Using four of our special (optimized for video and digital photography) 55 watt biax (PL 2G11) type bulbs, this fixture can put out an equivalent of almost 900 watts of flicker-free (and quiet) light for drawing only 220 watts. It really is the "cool" choice in studio lighting. Perfect for small sized studios and newsrooms.

The CL-455 comes with 4 High CRI (>87) 55 watt bulbs (available in choice of 3200K or 5600K). It's universal voltage electronic ballast adapts automatically to your country's voltage (from 100 volts to 240 volts 50/60 hz) and has an output driving frequency of 40khz to guarantee flicker-free performance (yes--worth saying twice and did we mention quiet?), power plug adaptable through IEC adapter, 2 power switches (1 per 2 bulbs), manual dimming dial, mounting yoke and mirrored removable barn doors. A slide-in adapter is also included to allow mounting eggcrates or other diffusion panels. The pictured stand is available as a separate option.

Download the CL-455MD product operation manual here.

Shipping and in some cases sales tax are extra.

NOTE: Since the fixture does not come with a stand or grid adapter, please choose your mounting options in the above dropdown boxes (at the top of the page). Also choose the color temperature of your free set of bulbs. You may also wish to get the eggcrate filter option which is superior for side spill control in a softlight.

General Specifications:

Dimensions: 22.75" long X 12" high X 5.5" wide.
Weight: 13lbs.
Construction: Professionally fabricated aluminum extrusions and stamped parts
Finish: Black powder coating
Mounting method: Yoke (5/8" thick hollow tubular steel construction) with 3/8" hole for stand to yoke adapters. **5/8" Stand to yoke adapter is available as an option below, just select in the "Mounting Options" drop-down box.

Ballast Specifications:

Lamp Type: PL-55w
Number of Lamps Driven: 1 or 2 (all Cool Lights Softlight Series fixtures drive 2 lamps per ballast)
Dimming: Yes
Dimming Range: 2% to 100% Voltage: Universal (100 - 240vAC) 50/60hz
Output Frequency: 40khz
Input Watts: 105w for 2 x 55 biax lamps
Power Factor: .>.95
THD: < 15%
Protection against open circuit and lamp fault conditions
Class P, Type 1 Outdoor

Bulb Specifications:

Color Temperature: 3200K or 5600K
CRI: >90
Lumen Output per Bulb: Nominal 2900 lumens


Side view of the CL-455 shows the slide-in adapter, barndoors closed, thumbscrews and ballast cover (with power cord and switches) on the back of the unit.

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