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1200w Par Lens Set:

CL-MP1200 Cool Lights 1200w HMI Par

PRICE: $3,699.00



The Cool Lights 1200w HMI Par is the ultimate "big gun" in location and studio lighting. Using a hot restrike G38 base Osram type 1200w HMI single ended bulb, the output is follow-spot like and is often bounced off a ceiling or bounce board for a beautiful daylight soft effect. Using the optional narrow, wide or diffused beam 10" snap in lenses, you can directly light a subject and "fight daylight" on interiors with large numbers of windows. The included silent and flicker free electronic ballast can drive either the 1200w par or a 575w "head" like our current model "pro" CL-MF0575 HMI Fresnel. Output intensity can be fine tuned with the included dimmer on the ballast.

Includes the par head (fixture), barn doors, 15 foot ballast to head cable, pro 575/1200w hot restrike universal voltage and power factor corrected (PFC) ballast (100 to 240VAC 50/60hz) and clear safety lens. Snap in lenses for wide, narrow and diffused beam are available, just choose to add them on the order in the above drop down box (or leave them off by choosing "None"). Otherwise, everything you need to get started is included except for a junior light stand and HMI 1200w bulb.

Par Specifications:

Construction: Powder coated aluminum castings and anodized aluminum extrusions.
Weight: 50 lbs.
Lens: 250mm (10") diameter safety (UV) type lens.
Bulb Type: Osram HMI 1200w SE or equivalent.
Bulb Base: G38 single end type.
Lumens per watt: 86 (vs. 20 LPW for tungsten).
Color Temperature: 6000K
CRI: 90.
Light output: hard, strong beam (well defined shadows and edges) and 110,000 lumens, thus it is the equivalent of a 5K tungsten unit (but only draws 1200w during operation).
Focusing: Focusing drive adjustable from a knob on the back of the unit.

Electronic Ballast Specifications:

Construction: Powder coated aluminum.
Weight: 20 lbs.
Cooling: silent fan and large heat sinks.
Input Amps:Power Factor Corrected (PFC) 6A at 220v / 12A at 110v.
Dimming: Continuous dial between 50% and 100% output intensity.
Type: Hot restrike, HMI, power factor corrected (PFC) can drive a 575w or 1200w head. Silent and flicker free.

Included Accessories: whisper silent universal 575/1200w HMI PFC electronic ballast (100v to 240vAC 50/60hz), 15 foot ballast-to-head cable with high quality 7 pin military bayonet connectors on each end, 15 foot 12g type power cord, barndoors, yoke, male 1 1/8" (28mm) junior spigot stand adapter. Everything you need (except for bulb and junior light stand) to get started right away.


Below you can see pictures of the new model Cool Lights 575w / 1200w "Pro" silent and flicker free ballast.

1200w Par back view.

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