CL-MAM1B Cool Lights Multi Axis Mount

PRICE: $39.00 $18.00


The CL-MAM1B Cool Lights Multi-Axis Mount has been used in the past on some of our fixtures. When attached to a fixture, it allows not only setting any angle you may need but also allows swiveling around 360 degrees. We list this as a replacement part for older Cool Lights products that use the MAM or for your DIY projects. The CL-HDMAM1 (heavy duty MAM) has replaced this for present Cool Lights products that use a MAM.

The MAM1B clamping component is made of cast aluminum and comes with the silver powder coat finish. The MAM1 stem is made of steel and the nylon axis ball. Set your angle and tighten the included T handle to make the MAM hold the chosen angle.

This DIY version comes with everything shown which includes the MAM plus the male quick release plate as shown. If you need the female quick release plate that is made by us to mate with this, you will need to also buy our quick release retrofit kit (CL-MAMWQR1).

This is the CL-MAM1B in place on a Cool Lights portable fluorescent fixture. It is mated with the female plate (available separately in the CL-MAMWQR1 quick release retrofit kit).

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