CL-CCL1A Portable Fluorescent Fixture Carrying Case

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The CL-CCL1A portable rolling accessory carrying case is perfect for our new Portable Softlight Series. It is made of a durable cordura nylon exterior, hard inner shell, foam padding, velour lining, and also includes wheels, carry handle, pull-up trolley, large padded nylon level separators and padded velcro separators. There is a zippered accessory area in the lid for holding your eggcrate filters and other relatively flat accessories. Thanks to all the included separators, your CL-CCL1A can be configured in many different ways to carry different combinations of the portable softlight series. In general, it can hold the following configurations:

1 CL-655P/PMD, 1 CL-655EGG eggcrate filter, 1 CL-BC6 bulb case, 1 CL-MPSA lollipop to stand adapter, 1 CL-LS3 stand


1 CL-455P/PMD, 1 CL-255P/PMD, 1 CL-BC6 bulb case, 1 CL-255EGG eggcrate filter, 1 CL-455EGG eggcrate filter, 2 CL-MPSA lollipop to stand adapters, 2 CL-LS3 stands


2 CL-255P/PMD, 2 CL-BC2 bulb cases, 2 CL-255EGG eggcrate filters, 2 CL-MPSA lollipop to stand adapters, 2 CL-LS3 stands

To name just a few of the configurations of this very versatile case.

The top left picture shows the re-configurable padded velcro and large level separators. Bottom left picture shows the CL-CCL1A loaded with a CL-455P, stand adapter and plenty of room leftover for a CL-255P/PMD. After this, just add one of the level separators and then your stands, bulb cases, eggcrates in the lid pouch and the last level separator and you are ready for the road and feel comforted that your fixtures are well packed.

The CL-BC2, 4 and 6 padded bulb carrying cases come with our portable softlight series. CL-CCL1A Outer Dimensions: 31.5" long X 20" wide X 11.5" deep. Weight: 22 lbs. Includes two large nylon covered and padded level separation partitions, 1 padded velcro fixture separator, 2 padded velcro light stand separators, and 2 padded velcro utility/accessory area separators.

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