CL-CCL3A Portable Fixture Carrying Case

PRICE: $125.00 $59.00


The CL-CCL3A portable rolling accessory carrying case is perfect for many different kinds of fixtures from our portable softlight CL-455P/PMD and our tungsten 1000w, 650w, 300w, 150w or CL-MF0150w CDM 150 fresnels. It is made of a durable cordura nylon exterior, hard inner shell, foam padding, velour lining, and also includes wheels, carry handle, pullup trolley, large padded nylon level separator and padded velcro removable separators. There is a zippered accessory area in the lid for holding your eggcrate filters and other relatively flat accessories. Thanks to all the included separators, your CL-CCL3A can be configured in many different ways to carry different combinations of the portable softlight series.

CL-CCL3A Outer Dimensions are: 29" long x 16" wide x 16" high. Weight is 23 lbs. Includes one large nylon covered and padded level separation partition, 2 padded velcro fixture separators, and 1 padded velcro light stand separator.

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