CL-MF0150 Cool Lights CDM 150 Fresnel

CL-MF0150 Cool Lights CDM 150 Fresnel

$499.00 $449.00
Date Added: Thursday 28 October, 2010

by Jason Jenkins

I've been using my CDM 150 for a couple of months now and it has been a welcome addition to my lighting kit. The combination of great throw and daylight color temperature is what sold me on this light. I've used it as a key and as a back/rim light. The build quality is decent, but not up to what you would get with a more expensive, brand name light. The five minute warm-up has not been an issue and, heat-wise, the output is indeed cooler than a tungsten. If I can nit-pick, I would say that this light could be improved by redesigning the somewhat cheesy Cool Lights logo. Logo notwithstanding, I would buy this light again!

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