CL-MF0150 Cool Lights CDM 150 Fresnel

CL-MF0150 Cool Lights CDM 150 Fresnel

$499.00 $449.00
Date Added: Wednesday 04 July, 2012

by Erik Anschicks

For the price you pay, this is a pretty darn good little light! I've used it quite a bit as a backlight and creating little pools of light in backgrounds. But it's versatile enough to do quite a lot for you. Build quality isn't spectacular, but you can't expect it to be at this price point, and it is certainly durable enough for most any application!

My only complaint is that there is definitely a SLIGHT green spike to it. If you were using only these lights, WB it out and no problem. But if you are trying to match it to true daylight or a high-end HMI like I almost always do (I own 2 LTM Cinepars), the color quality is a bit off. But I've found an easy workaround:

Using the 5400K bulb, add 1/8 minus green and (sometimes) 1/8 CTB.
Using the 3000K bulb, add 1/8 minus green and 1/8 CTB (brings it to about 3300K)

I just got a gel holder that I mount the minus green in at all times, along with the CTB when needed, and Voila! Perfect match!

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