CL-255P Cool Lights Portable 2 x 55 watt Softlight

CL-255P Cool Lights Portable 2 x 55 watt Softlight

$249.00 $89.00
Date Added: Wednesday 12 March, 2008

by Mark Schlicher

Like it\'s big brothers, the CL-455P and CL-655P, these fixtures are far more than Kino-Flo Diva clones. Cool Lights has come up with an original design, making innovative use of advanced materials. Build quality is excellent. The corrugated polycarbonate shell (in contrast to the Diva\'s corrugated plastic) helps achieve a weight of about 1/2 of a comparable Diva, even with aluminum structural support. The closed ends add rigidity, and control spill better compared to the Kino units. The light output is comparable to Kinos, and Cool Lights\' 87CRI daylight tubes gave a high quality light that looks great...much better than the typical output of cheap clone fixtures, and very close to the quality of the more expensive Kino tubes.

Everything about these fixtures feels well-though-out and executed, right down to the excellent packing for shipment.

I couldn\'t be happier with the product and the superb customer service.

Mark Schlicher
Director of Photography
Nashville, TN USA

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