Cool Lights 5600K 55 watt Test Results

In the interest of full disclosure, we are publishing our test results for the 55 watt bulbs. This is our 5600K color temperature PL Biax bulb. The test report, is for the most part, self-explanatory. It is run using an Integrating Sphere (see our Article on Color Temperature and Color Rendering Index). As would be expected, 2 or 3 bulbs are usually chosen at random for testing from a batch produced by a factory. You can find our 3200K test results here.

This is a color version of the spectral energy distribution. It is much more intuitive and quick to look at in this kind of color graphic representation.

Cool Lights 5600K

The spectral energy distribution

Here is a scan of the actual test report output from the Integrating Sphere’s spectroradiometric computer. It shows all the parameters and specifications that are normally measured for any light source. Of particular interest, the color temperature of this randomly chosen bulb was actually 5430K and the CRI (also known as “Ra”) was 88.2. Lumen output was 2891.

The actual test report

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