Ordering Questions

Are all your items on the website in stock?

Yes and no. Yes, every single item that you can checkout in your cart with is in stock. We do however show some future products but even though you can put them in your cart, you can’t checkout or pay with them there. We don’t believe in back ordering and we aren’t just a web storefront for some other manufacturer. If you see it on our site and can pay for it, we’ve got it.

If I place an order on the website, how long will it take to get it?

As long as you place an order before about 12 Noon, Central Standard Time, the order will go out the same day via your chosen method of shipping. You’ll be presented with several shipping quotes during checkout, just choose the one that suits you (Ground, Next Day, Two Day, etc.) and then pay. A message will be instantly sent through an automated system and your order will be fulfilled by our warehouse.

How can I pay?

We accept major credit cards and Paypal. If you choose Paypal, please make sure you follow the entire process and let it take you all the way back to our site or the order won’t be fully processed.

Do you charge sales tax?

The standard practice on the web is the one we follow. We only charge sales tax in those states where we have a presence. Nevada is the only state for the moment. So, if you reside in that state, we must charge you tax, collect it and pay to those state entities to stay in the law.

Is ordering on your site secure?

You can come to our site by one of three ways, through the “aliases” of, which point back to our “root” page at which is the third (and most direct) way to get to us. This business of aliases is just a marketing thing and nothing to worry about. The root is the one registered with Geotrust SSL Certificates however. On our home page, you can see a Geotrust SSL Logo. If you click on it you can see that we are certified as secure by Geotrust. That means that all the pages into which you enter secure information on our site are encrypted. The actual secure HTTPS pages only kick in during checkout however. In addition, we use to process our credit card transactions and they are one of the biggest providers in the world. We carry their logo also on the home page and if you click on that you can see we are a “trusted site.” A simple test to see if a website is using SSL or not is to type in “” (in our case If it still works, you know they are using SSL in the proper way. In fact, in Mozilla, you can see a padlock symbol in the status line of the browser indicating the secure function is working and really is secure.  Thus, we normally only encrypt the pages where you enter your private information in checkout.  We are PCI compliant and we do not store your credit card information.  It is only used at the time of a sale and passed to the credit card provider. So, yes, your information is safe with us! We’ve taken all the precautions any website can.

What shipping methods do you offer?

For now, we only offer Fedex for most items. Fedex Ground will be the least expensive option for most of our items, some of which can be rather large. There will also be Next Day, Two Day and whatever else is popular at the moment. We don’t offer Saturday delivery though. So if you have a “shoot” coming up, we love to accommodate you, but please give adequate time for the fixtures to be delivered. Don’t wait to the last minute when Next Day is your only option as it can really be expensive. Some of our free shipping items like the video (when its on free shipping promotion) go out US Postal Service First Class which is normally a several day service, but Priority or Express delivery are options. Many of our spare or DIY parts and the Cool Lights video come from a different warehouse and only use USPS Priority or Express mail delivery.

I’m not in the USA, can I order?

Yes, we’ve been shipping to far and wide outside of the USA. As long as you can pay with a method we accept and is secure for both you and us, we will ship to you. Of course, shipping to many countries from USA can be very expensive and customs duties vary for each different country. You are on your own for all customs and any other taxes involved for your country. For now, the best thing is to not use the website to order though. Please contact us at for a shipping quote to make sure you agree with the shipping charges. If so, send us an email with all your address information and we will prearrange a payment method (bank transfer or Paypal) and appropriate amount for the merchandise you order plus the agreed upon shipping and handling charges.

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